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#SundaySnippet 10.14.18

Here’s a little more insight to the developing relationship between Hope and Tyler.

“Enough about me,” she said, shaking her head. She speared an asparagus stalk and pointed it at him. “Tell me about you. Aside from the fact where you’re from, I know nothing about you. Out with the details, New York.”

“What would you like to know?” Tyler immediately wished he’d phrased the question differently. He couldn’t take the chance of her recognizing the name of his firm if she asked where he worked. Not yet.

Despite his plan to tell her tonight who he was and why he was in Willow Springs, he continued to keep his identity a secret, craving a few more precious hours of her company instead. Sitting across from Hope, enchanted with the way the tea light on the table bounced little flickers of light off her face and beautiful hair, listening to the sad story of her parents’ accident, and watching an entire series of emotions play across her guileless face and eyes, Tyler wanted to pretend they were simply a couple, out enjoying one another’s company.

The more Hope opened up to him, the happier he felt. From her mother’s behavior, he got the impression Hope didn’t date much and he liked knowing that, liked the thought she was doing something special with him, giving up some of her precious free time to spend it with him.

As she’d related the details of her father’s dismissal from his family, Tyler could feel the anguish and frustration oozing from her on behalf of the man she loved and adored. He hadn’t been told of the attempted payoff to Casey Kildaire. Sloan had to have known since he’d been the family solicitor for decades, yet he hadn’t mentioned it when he’d given Tyler a brief history of the family before he sent him to Vermont. Nor had he related the extent of Casey’s injuries following the crash and the severe financial problems they were still undergoing. He’d simply ordered Tyler to obtain Hope’s signature, nothing more.

He’d pushed her at dinner to answer his question and from the baffled look on her face knew she thought it an odd one. In her mind there was no way she could go back to school and take care of her mother at the same time. He should have told her right then the reason he was in Willow Springs, the subterfuge he’d used to meet her, and handed her the documents he’d brought with him. Tyler fully believed if she knew how easy her life could be with a simple swipe of her name across a legal document, she’d jump at the chance to make their lives better, pay off all their medical bills once and for all, and allow her to get back to fulfilling her dream instead of sublimating it.

“Well, for starters, what do you do?” she asked.

Best to go with the truth at this point. “I’m a lawyer.”

“Surprise, surprise.” She rolled her eyes and gave him the most delightful smirk. “I’d have bet on that without even a thought.”

“What gave me away?”

“The fact you don’t let a question go is one thing.” Her grin turned lopsided, and he got the distinct impression she was flirting with him. “Your penetrating death stare, like you’re grilling a witness on the stand, is another.”

Okay, maybe she wasn’t flirting because that was in no way a compliment.

“Anything else?”

She bent her elbow on the table and cupped her chin into it as she regarded him. “You already told me you’re not a writer, but your word skills are exceptional, so it makes me think you do write stuff. Like briefs, and whatever else they’re called.” She waved her free hand carelessly. “Plus…”

“Plus?” His breath caught when her cheeks colored.

“Well…” She squinched up her nose, her lips pursed at an angle. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I was imagining what you looked like in a suit and the first thing that popped into my head was like a lawyer.”

This definitely sounded like flirting, but…

“What do you mean, don’t take it the wrong way?”

“I meant about the imagining part.” The red color in her cheeks blossomed and grew to cover her neck. She shook her head and dropped her gaze. “I shouldn’t have told you that.”

What would she have done if he’d told her he’d had a fantasy-filled night thinking about her in nothing at all?

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Jetting off….

This week’s blog prompt is A.) wicked easy for me to write, and B.) a happy chapter in my life.

Backstory: In 1983 I met a man. Kinda cute, kinda funny, wicked smart. We worked together.

Plot: He asked me if I’d like to go out on a date sometime.

Conflict: I’d just gotten out of  a VERY toxic relationship and wasn’t looking to start another one anytime soon. But…I said yes, because, you know…he was kinda cute!

Act 1: it was a saturday and we were both off from work. He drove me to an airport. I said, “What kind of date is this?” He said, “Trust me. It’s a goodie.”  We boarded LAKER AIR ( long now defunct airline) where you paid for your seats once you got on the plane. The seats were $50.00 a piece. Already he’d spent more on this date than the toxic relationship guy had for a year on me. We flew to BOSTON, a town I’d never been before.

Act 2: Beautiful day in Beantown. Cool weather, sunny day. We played tourist. Went to the  USS Constitution and the naval museum. We toured Liberty Hall and walked some of the Freedom trail. We walked around Faneuil Hall. We ended up in the North End and had a delicious dinner at a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant that served the best food ever!  We talked for hours, non-stop. We flew home on the midnight flight.

Act 3:  Married for 31 years.

Most romantic memory ever! Best date ever! Best boyfriend/husband!

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What was the worst line you ever heard on a date–first or last…date, that is!

Writing date scenes takes patience, perseverance, and let’s face it: humor. First dates can quickly turn to seconds, thirds, and marriage; or they can end at the door…or in a restaurant with say, the heroine tossing a drink over the not-so-hero’s head.

A great deal about first dates is communication. How the two potential love interests speak to one another can be a key factor in how the story-and their romance-moves forward…or dies a gristly death.

A lot of what I write is made up from my imagination. But not all. I’ve had a few (read A LOT!) pretty horrible first-and subsequently last -dates. One of the worst ended right in the restaurant when the guy I was sitting across from asked me – after we’d ordered, mind you – “So, my friend told me nurses put out ‘cause they’re horny from seeing naked people all day long. True?” The jerk actually wiggled his eyebrows up and down like Groucho Marx when he said it. Speechless is something I almost never am, but I couldn’t put a sentence scathing enough together at that moment, so I just grabbed my purse from the chair next to me, stood, and stormed out. Damn. I really wanted the steak I’d ordered, too.

Second worst line from a first date came a few months later. The guy was fairly nice, if not a little boring as he droned on and on about the Yankees. I was a die-hard Mets fan back then…but anyway. At my apartment door he leaned in and gave me the most disgusting kiss I’d ever received. Truly. His breath smelled like the pepper and sausage pizza he’d just had, mixed with beer. Stale and overpowering. I was so surprised, I opened my mouth in dismay and his snake-like tongue forged right in, dancing a serpentine tarantella in every corner of my mouth.


My eyes were watering from gagging, and I felt a ball of intense nausea undulate up from my stomach. Fearful I was going to vomit on my front door step I pushed against his chest and broke the contact between us. Ever so suavely – not! – he leaned against the doorjamb, grinned smarmily and said, “So, let’s together for breakfast.” Before I could tell him I had to work; have a root canal; or even an appendectomy (all of which would have been preferable to seeing him again), he grinned and added, “what time should I roll over and kiss you awake?”

Holy Mother of God, I never knew I could move so fast. I bolted into my apartment, slammed the door in in his astonished face, ran to the bathroom and gargled with Listerine for an hour.

Double yuk.

From girlfriends, I’ve heard some of the worst first date lines ever. They include:

“Don’t worry, it’s not infectious anymore.”

“My real hair is brown.”

“Do you know a good tax lawyer?”

“Wow, your cousin described you as much hotter. And way thinner.”

“I’ll be right back. It’s my check-in time with my PO, and he’s a dick if I miss a call.”

“I’ve got a two-for-one coupon, so don’t order anything it doesn’t cover.”

“The anti-depressants have really been working.”

I can safely say none of these lines earned a second date. I think one even lead to a punch in the face from the girl it was spoken to. I’ll let you figure out which one.

So…worst lines you’ve ever heard on a date. Let’s discuss…




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