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#MugshotMonday 3.15.2021



I am sososo in love with today’s mug. I recently purchased it online, and yes, it’s more a cup than a mug, but I love how it works into my writing life.

The text says STORYTELLER and has a picture of an old-fashioned typewriter with paper. I love the title STORYTELLER so much!

Love that!! Do you have a work-themed cup/mug? Say, if you’re a doctor, do you have a doctor mug? Nurse one? Walmart worker one?
Show me your work-themed mug!!

Looking for me? Here I am:

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#MugShotMonday 1.11.2021

So, last week I showed you the favorite  mug my daughter gave me and asked you to share mugs you were gifted. This week, I want you to show me any mugs that have your place of business logo on them. This one, I’ll admit, is a cheater, because I don’t work for this wonderful company, my daughter does!! But, if you have a logo mug from you job, post it!!!


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