In a world of #followers I’d like to be an #Influencer

I’m going to bet if you know what the above icon is, you’ll understand the title of this blog.

First, a little backstory.

When I was a kid, roughly 175 years ago, my third grade teacher, Mrs. Karen Sinclair, said something to me one day that has stayed with me all these millennia later. I was an overweight, thick glasses-wearing, curly haired, shy kid prone to impulse control issues when it came to talking in class. I was bullied – horribly – by both girls and boys. At that age, there really is no division along sex lines with bullying. One day, after an especially verbally vicious attach on the recess playground, I came back into the classroom, sullen and non-communicative. When class ended for the day, Mrs. Sinclair asked me to stay after. She wormed out of me what had been said on the playground. When I cried that all I wanted to do was fit in, be like everyone else, but couldn’t because 1. my clothes were wrong, 2. my hair was wrong, 3. I was ugly, 4. I was fat…etc…. (you get the picture) she took my hand and told me this: “Don’t be a follower.  Don’t be like everyone else. You were born to be a leader, Margaret, to be yourself. There’s only one you. Don’t settle for less.”

Yeah, she was my favorite teacher of all time.

Fast forward 165 years to the present.

The above symbol is the INSTAGRAM logo. Since I started my writing journey, I’ve been attempting to get people to read my books through various marketing methods, one of them, posting on Instagram. Recently, I came across a phase that “called” to me: Influencer. Apparently, there are people (millennials, mostly) who have huge Insta-followers and who get paid for taking pictures of themselves with products. The companies who manufacture the products, pay these kids  for simply posting a picture. People see the picture and are Influenced to buy the product because they want to be like the cool person they are following.

Can you spell BRILLIANT!!

I have a decent amount of Instagram followers and I’m gonna work on getting more, but for now, here’s me at my new job, taking a picture with a product I’d like to tell people about so they can buy it and be cool like me. I’m an Influencer:

Hee hee

Sorry the book is backward – this whole Influencer thing is gonna take time to perfect. 🙂 But  you get the idea.

~until next time ~ Peg

And just FYI: The book’s on sale for 99cents right now until june 21~~ Get yours here:




Apple books




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12 responses to “In a world of #followers I’d like to be an #Influencer

  1. The Happy Book Blog.

    Aw, love this😍definitely one of my favourite posts💜💕

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  2. Very good Peg, I hope it works for you

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  3. D.V. Stone

    Thanks for sharing. Great story.

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  4. Catholic school toughened me up in the most terrible way. I am enjoying Dearly Beloved!

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  5. Jennifer Zander Wilck

    Love it!

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  6. I really admire you, Peggy! You have to do what you can!

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  7. Love your sense of humour, Peggy!

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  8. mrsnnnlight

    Peg, you can do amazing things and you’re already an influencer in my eyes. Look at how much you encourage and influence other writers. Me included.

    I’ve always been a rebel and gone my own way. People tend to follow me… of course they could be nibbling on the bread crumbs I’m leaving behind me so I can find my way back. lol!

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  9. Great blog- love your sense of humor! Sounds like you’re on the right track to be an influencer– good for you and go get ’em!


  10. janarichards

    You go girl! I have no doubt you can do whatever you set your mind to, Peg.


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