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The way to my heart is through my……

Before I answer that, let me explain something.

Most of you probably know by now ( because I’ve mentioned it ad nauseum!) I’m the only child of divorced parents. My parents separated when I was an infant and quickly divorced, each realizing the mistake they’d made. Too bad they didn’t realize it before a child came into the mix, but that’s just my anger speaking.

Any way…

Mom worked full time and I rarely – if ever – saw my father. On the occasions I did, the day usually ended with tears.

Fast forward to my teen years. Suddenly and without warning, my father wanted to be a presence in my life. I was an overweight, myopic, shy, and wicked smart girl ( which earned me no points with my peers!) who had no friends. So when my father wanted to be a part of my life, actually asked to spend time with me,  I was, to say the very least, thrilled. Our weekend visits became more frequent, and I spent an entire summer at his home with him and my step-mother ( a truly lovely woman). For the first time in my life, I felt like someone wanted me around; wanted to spend time with me. Me.

Fast forward to the college years. My decision to go to nursing school instead of into medicine drove a bit of a wedge between our relationship. To this day I feel the only reason my father wanted me to go to med school was because he wanted to brag about “my daughter the doctor.” To an uneducated, never having graduated high school man, this was, apparently, a big ego boost to him and I’d shot an arrow into his happiness bubble by refusing to be a physician. Our time spent together turned infrequent again. He claimed it was because he was working hard. He may have been. But I knew the real reason.

More years go by and it’s time for me to get married. What should have been the happiest time of my life…wasn’t. Let’s just be truthful here and say when your parents are divorced and they need to be together at an event supporting you, there is a great deal of tension in the air. The tension at my wedding and during the time leading up to it was so thick even a Roncomatic knife wouldn’t have been able to cut through it.

I didn’t see my father for almost 4 years after I married. Then I had a baby. You’d think that as the only grandchild my father would have been all over this child like white on rice. He probably would have if I hadn’t been the mom.

My daughter is now 28 and I haven’t seen my father since she was 8 years old.

Why did I tell you all this? The title of this MFRW blog piece today is supposed to be 5 ways to win my heart. For me, there is really only one way to win, claim, and keep my heart. And that’s to give me the precious gift of your time. Time is so fleeting, that any amount of it we can spend with, and give to, the people we love most in the world, is a good thing. All I ever wanted was someone to think of me enough, love me enough, to want to spend time with me.

So, the way to my heart? Yeah. It’s a straight road if you only take…the time.

This piece was a little depressing even for me, but I bet the other authors in this blog hop have happier tales to tell. Why don’t you hop on over and see what they have to say?




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Words that make me go “ick”; #Mfrwauthor #52WeekBlogChallenge


I could write a dictionary here, folks. Truly.

Okay. Words have power.


Anyone who’s ever been bullied or taunted as a child ( or even adult) knows this in their soul. Words can spear you straight through the heart, cut you off at the knees, and slice into your gut.


Late comic George Carlin made a million bucks doing a routine called the 7 Dirty Words. In 1972, he said these 7 words in a comedy club, forever immortalizing them:

Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits.

It is now 2017.  45 years later than when Carlin first spoke those words in public. Since that time, society has shifted in what it deems inappropriate language use. Even just a few years ago you wouldn’t hear commercial television characters uttering anything worse than an occasional “Crap!” as an invective or a curse. In a recent show on NBC, I heard two characters say the second and last words above before the first commercial break.  Cable television has no such restrictions on language and I can tell you truthfully, I have heard every one of the above words – and a few more I hate – said without a flinch by the actors.


In America, we live by the law of freedom of speech. It’s a good freedom. We can share opinions that differ, dialogues that intrigue us, and books that elevate and entertain us. And while that basic freedom is challenged every single day, it still stands strong.


There are some words, expressions, and phrases that shouldn’t be said aloud. Remember, words have power to hurt, maim, and incite.  As a writer of romantic fiction, there are some words I would never use in a book. You probably think those words are slang ones for things related to the sex act. You would be wrong. I have no problem using words – slang or otherwise – to describe anatomy. What I do have is trouble using words that are mainly pejoratives. Words that do not belong in public speech or on the pages of books.


So…words that make me go “ick.” In no particular order, here they are:

twat, cunt, retard,  any variation of the “N” word ( I can’t even write it, it’s so hateful). Any word that is derogatory to an ethnic group ( kike, wop, etc. You know the words I mean) I truly hatehatehate the word MOIST. I shudder when I write it.

Every word mentioned above ( except for moist, because that’s just my own particular hatefest word) is a pejorative. A word that makes me quiver and quake with anger, because they are used in totally negative ways. I see no positive translations in any of those words.


Words that DON’T make me go ick? Any word that falls into this category:


‘Nuff said.

Because this is week 9 of the 52 week MFRW authors blog hop, here are some other authors who are also writing about words that make they go “ick” today. Check them out…




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MFRW Book Hooks Wednesday


It’s Wednesday and besides being Prince Spaghetti day, it’s MFRW Book Hooks. Click on this link to see the other MFRW authors participating, read their blogs and maybe you’ll find your new favorite author.

Here’s a little snippet from my debut romance novel SKATER’S WALTZ.


When Tiffany declares her feelings for Cole, he’s anything but receptive…

Heat oozed from her body as she glowered at him. “And to think,” she said, glaring hard at his laughing face, her voice quiet and tight, “I fell hopelessly, endlessly in love with you that day. I should have known you’d turn out to be such a creep. What a waste my life has been, pining after you, waiting for you to notice me, longing after you with every breath. God, what a moron …”

Tiffany stopped. Mouth agape, eyes wide and clear, she stopped tugging on the towel and opened her hand in surrender.

Cole didn’t let go of her wrist. He couldn’t, not after what she’d just confessed. Her face had gone pale again, her lips turning to chalk. He dropped the ring back to its chain and saw it glinting in the light, lying over the small upsweep of her breasts made bare by their struggle. Breasts he suddenly felt an intense need to cup, kiss, and nuzzle.

He didn’t know how to respond. Her words were true; there was no doubt about it. No explanation necessary.

“Tiffany, I…don’t know what to say.”

With a jagged breath, she threw back her head. Choking on a sob, she told him, “You don’t have to say anything, Cole. Really.”

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Take me out to the Ballgame…


Welcome to MFRWBookHookBlogHop. Click the link down below to join the hop…maybe you’ll discover you next favorite author.


 Before you do, here’s a little sumthin’ sumthin’ from my newest release FIRST IMPRESSIONS. Baseball is America’s sport and when Pat takes Clarissa to her first professional game, well, more than just the balls fly…sparks do as well. Here’s a taste of the day….

When Quentin handed Moira the huge chocolate ice cream laden with rainbow colored sprinkles, stuffed into a plastic baseball cap with the team’s logo on the side, Moira grabbed him with her free arm and kissed him soundly.

Pat snuck a glance at Clarissa, and, while he handed her a soda and sat down, whispered, “I’d like to think I’d get the same kind of thank-you from you if those two weren’t around.”

Without even thinking about the consequences, Clarissa snaked a hand around his neck and pulled him in for her own kiss. When her lips spread over his warm and full mouth, she didn’t care who saw them or knew what they were doing. He felt so damn good and tasted even better.

“Oh. My. God!” she heard Moira cry.
“Don’t look now,” Quentin said, a laugh flowing out of him, “but you two are on live television.”

Clarissa pulled back when the words registered. She quickly found the jumbotron across the backfield wall and sure enough, she and Pat were front and center. The entire stadium shouted catcalls and cheers. Before she could take a breath, Pat grinned and pulled her in for another kiss, this one heart-stoppingly hot. She could hear the cheers reaching a fever roar, and the irony of the situation pushed through her mind.

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