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Shameless author branding…

So, you know I went to Iceland recently. I had hubby, my fabulous daughter, and my gorgeous niece with me. On a particularly rainy, cold, and bleary day – or as the Icelanders call it, a typical day of the week (!) ( Not kidding. Not even a little!) we found ourselves sitting in an eatery called Te & Koffe. I don’t think I need to translate the name.


My daughter asked if I had any chapstick and of course I did. I whipped out my newest swag piece and handed it over. My niece wanted one, too, and of course, because it’s me after all, I had a spare, so I gave her one. While they were chapping up I had a brilliant idea.

Well, I thought it was brilliant.

I asked them each to pose with the chapstick because I wanted to put the pix on my Instagram account. You’ll see why when you see the picture below. They both very graciously, amid much eye rolling, complied. Once I snapped the pictures, my daughter said, “You can caption it Peggy Jaeger Brand Ambassadors.”

Do you see why I love this child to the moon and back??

Here are the photos I took:

My name, my website, my tagline as bold as bold can be on two simply gorgeous girls.

Le sigh. I love my life.

And my family.

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Well after a longlonglong drive from home, that included traffic stopped dead in Connecticut and then a truck not fitting under an overpass in NYC, I MADE IT! It is unbelievably hot here. 92  today and NYC humid. I will be staying in the hotel, folks, for most of the visit, that is for sure.

20150721_134802 (1)


Here’s the Swag Bag for this year and the host of books included it in. Yes – even hard cover books are given for free!

20150721_174705Here are a few random pix of NYC I took today while I walked around and sweated! Things go into full swing tomorrow and I will be sure to blog if I see any of my fav authors. I’ve already had two fan-girl moments so far: saw Nora Roberts AND Jayne Anne Krentz in the hotel tonight. Hyperventilating is the least of what I did!

20150721_153001Minions everywhere!



The Famous FlatIron building



The view from my room of 42nd st

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