How many courses is too much?

This blog entry is gonna kill me….literally!! I lovelovelove to cook. I have almost 130 cookbooks in my house, many dog-earred and marked up with notes. How in the name of all that’s holy can I pick one meal that I’d have for my very last meal on earth?

Okay. SO let’s look at this the way a hostess with the mostest would. A meal consists of COURSES. A typical meal would have at least 5-7 courses, so if I go with the principle that MORE IS MORE, my last meal will have 7 courses. And they won’t be the typical cheese, salad, meat, yadayadayada courses. I’m reinventing the courses. I can do that. I’m a writer and this is MY last meal, so there!

Course #1. Forget the salad. If I’m gonna die, I ain’t eating salad. This course is going to be a full blown appetizer course consisting of my favorite appetizers: coconut shrimp, artichoke dip with Ritz crackers, pigs-in-a-blanket, scallops wrapped in bacon, asparagus wrapped in bacon with maple syrup and brown sugar. To Die For!

Course #2 The soup course. My favorite is good old fashioned TOMATO SOUP and I’ve got a recipe that just soothes the soul. Of course, along with the tomato soup I will have to have a grilled cheeses sandwich because, you know…they go together. My grilled cheese consists of thick homemade potato bread, slathered with real butter on both sides and a mix of mozzarella and provolone cheeses on the inside. Delish!

Course #3: Fish. Going all out here, folks. I lovelovelove fish. So, I’m gonna have to make my seafood scampi. Scallops, jumbo shrimp and lobster in a white wine sauce with mushrooms and served over bowtie pasta. I’m hungry just thinking about it.


Course #4: Pasta. You might say the previous course of scampi fits the pasta bill. No f**king way! I’m eating an entire course of  my penne ala vodka, served with yards of garlic bread.

Course #5: Main meal: You’re probably wondering why I’m not in the Emergency room by now with a ruptured stomach from ALL that food!  But if this is my last meal, I’m gonna keep going. So, For the main meal there really is only one option for me: Lobster macaroni and cheese with bacon. I know…………

Course #6: Cheese. A little palette refresher here. I love baked cheeses, so I’ll prepare my baked brie in puff pastry with apricot and serve it with little bullets of baked challah bread and fruit.


Course #7: Dessert. Lordy, Lordy, so many to choose from. Cheesecake? Chocolate mousse pie? Cannolis? All favs, but I’m gonna make an entire Chocolate trifle and eat it all by myself.

And, yes…that’s my Trifle, recently made for a party.

If any of this sounds good to you ( and why wouldn’t it??) You can get a few of the recipes in my WILL COOK FOR LOVE series from Kensington/Lyrical Shine Publishers. COOKING WITH KANDY is available now and had the lobster mac and cheese. A SHOT AT LOVE releases on 10.8.17 and there are even more recipes in that one,

Bon appetite!

Since this is a blog hop. you might want to click over to some of these other authors and see what constitutes a last meal for them.



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19 responses to “How many courses is too much?

  1. I’m coming to your house for dinner- yummy!

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  2. Peggy Jaeger

    Heehee. Of course, if we eat all that we have to die after because it’s our last meal!!!


  3. Sherry Lewis

    I’m with Maureen!!! I may just come to your house for my last meal! Or my next meal, anyway. I’ve never had lobster mac & cheese, but I’ve had shrimp mac & cheese and it’s delicious — and I’m not a fan of mac & cheese, so that’s saying something. Your menu really made me hungry.

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  4. Peggy Jaeger

    Sherry – the secret to good mac and cheeses vs GREAT mac and cheese is all in the cheese and milk. I only use whole milk – never less. Some people like to try and save calories by substituting low-fat cheeses and skim milk. Why eat it if it doesn’t taste the way it should?! And the lobster has to be fresh. I usually buy lives ones and then….you know (!) but the “meat” is always better this way.
    Purist, they name is Peggy!


  5. OMG….you win the prize (so far!) of Best Meal! Love love LOVE that grilled cheese…..but count me out on the fish course. Unless it’s Lobster Pizza from Red Lobster.
    *wipes drool from keyboard*

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  6. I agree, Peggy. You win the prize for best meal. You really must like pasta, more than I do. That chocolate trifle looks yummy.

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      If I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die carboloaded! Besides, pasta is a food group in my house!!! Right on the top of the food pyramid.


  7. This topic wasn’t easy for most of us. We were trying to squeeze in everything we could. LOL


  8. Peggy, you’re cooking for the MFRW party!!!!

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  9. I like the way you think about food! Now I want some lobster macaroni and cheese and a cannoli or two.

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  10. There’s one benefit of a seven course meal that you didn’t mention: it lasts longer, thereby putting off that big goodbye.

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  11. I forgot appetizers – yours sound delicious (so does the rest of your meal (minus the fish, lol).


  12. Wow! I got stuffed just drooling at all of the wonderful imagery! Thanks for sharing your thorough thoughts on that one, last meal!


  13. You are well, amazing to say the least 😉
    Love you 😘
    Smile and have a shiny night my special friend.


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