Because I have a scientific background, I’m a planner. That’s why I classify myself as a plotter for writing. But I digress….

I plan. For everything, Disasters, worst case scenarios, major illnesses, disease, pestilence, and plague. I have enough non-perishable food to last through the next zombie apocalypse, and if we get hit with a nucelar warhead, we’ll have clean water to drink..and douse ourselves in (!) So it’s no secret I’ve got a plan for the next ten years of my career.

Originally, when I started writing full time in 2015, I had a 5 year plan. I exceeded all the goals on that plan by 2017, so I broadened and increased it to 10 more years at the beginning of 2017.

Here are a few things on that new career plan:

Get an agent

Have at least 1 NYTimes and USA Bestseller, if not more.

Have a movie made out of one of my books – a good movie, at that, None of this wrecking the story by putting it on film crap!

Have at least 2 books per year, if not 3, published every year

Make enough money to hire a personal assistant who will do all my web media. ( since you all know how much I hatehatehate self marketing!)

Win a RITA ( or 2)

There are more things, but I didn’t feel I needed to share everything.

So…check back in 2027. Until then, I’ll be working on my plan.

Check out the other authors in this blog challenge and see where they see themselves in 10 years. This should be fun!’



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10 responses to “2027…

  1. Love your list! Very inspiring!

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  2. I forgot to add “be a bestselling author” to my list! Good luck with your list!

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  3. Sherry Lewis

    Love your list! I hope you achieve every one of the things on your list!

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  4. I thought I overplanned. . . I bow to the master!! Seriously though, .love your list of goals! It took me a very hard lesson this year to get serious about my writing and drop all the nonsense activities.

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  5. Wow. Very good plan. I hope everything on your list comes true.

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  6. With a good backlist, a Bookbub, and good promo, you can make that USA bestseller happen! Best of luck!


  7. You’re so organized, Peggy. If you run true to form, you’ll have met all these goals by 2020!


  8. I’d also like to win a RitA…..


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