A day in my life….is not for sissies!!

I retired in 2015 when I got a book contract. I’d worked for about 150 years as a nurse in varying specialties, then as a contact lens technician. By the time I left the nursing profession I was dog tired, emotionally wrung out, and psychological drained. Having a full time job that could be at the same time uplifiting and soul-sucking was difficult. I figured retirement – and the oppportunity to write full time  – would be much more relaxing and enjoyable.

What’s that old saying? You make plans and God laughs?
yeah…story of my life.

I figured writing full time would be a cake walk. Hey, I didn’t have to get dressed in professional clothes everyday any more, do my makeup, hair, and coordinate my wardrobe. I could stay in my pj’s all day and not even put on deodorant if I didn’t want to. ( I do, just for full disclosure here!)

That easy, carefree life of a writer I imagined? yeah..not so much. A few months ago I did a blog piece about a simple question my husband asks me every day at dinner: “So, what did you do today.” My usual response? “Worked.”
One night I figured he really needed to hear what I actually do under the definition of “work,” so here’s what I told him.

4am, Finally got out of bed after lying there for an hour, wide awake.

405am – 530 am Checked email, answered 16 messages. Wrote 2 blogs, uploaded one then posted on social media outlets and HootSuite for the day. Social media sites included uploads of blog on twitter, Triberr, Tumblr, Linked in, Goodreads, google+ and Pinterest. Hootsuites were posted for every 2 hours.

530-6. Got hubby up, ate breakfast. Got ready for the day. Made bed.

630-930 am Gym, followed by grocery shopping for the week, Target, the post office and the bank. Got gas and went to the dump.

930-1030am put the groceries away then started laundry, vacuumed bedrooms and living area. Started dishwasher.

1030-1pm wrote in current wip; worked on Copyedits just received for Book 3 in new cooking series.

1pm-130pm ate lunch then answered emails and checked social media sites. Changed laundry and started another load.

130-500 worked on wip; and worked on Copy edits for book 3 in new cooking series, plus plotted out book 4. )  Folded dried laundry and put it away. Ironed shirts.

5-545 walked on treadmill and read current NetGalley book for review. Folded the remainder of done laundry, put it away.

545-630 cooked dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, set table, worked on copy edits.

630-7pm dinner and conversation ( questions!) with Hubby. Cleaned up the dinner dishes.

7-830 worked on wip, answered email, worked on blog posting for the morning. Did a few pages of the copy edits for book 3

830-10 read Netgalley again

10pm-midnight. Slept

Midnight-2 am. wide awake in bed, reliving yesterday, planning today.

Now, mind you: I have no children at home who need to be tended to, ferried places, or shown love and attention. I don’t currently, have a pet. My friends all work at full-time jobs out side of the home, so ladies who lunch is not on my menu. I don’t get manicures, pedicures, or have spa days. The last time I went to a mall my daughter was in college and I had a panic attack from the crowds. I simply write all day long.

But there’s nothing simple about a day in my life.

So, how do you think the other authors in this blog challenge spend their days? Find out by clicking on the links below



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15 responses to “A day in my life….is not for sissies!!

  1. lol- I love “worked for about 150 years” – oh it so feels like that many days! Great post!

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  2. Peggy Jaeger

    Maureen – yes, it did and does!!


  3. Sherry Lewis

    I hear you! I worked 150 years in the legal field before I “retired” to become a writer. Some days I think fondly about those short 60-hour work weeks I used to have. Enjoyed your post!

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  4. Donna Simonetta

    Phew! I’m tired just reading that post!
    : )

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  5. “What’s that old saying? You make plans and God laughs?
    yeah…story of my life.” Story of my life as well! I remember in my twenties working 60 hour weeks, but that was before I had children. Then those years of child raising on top of the career, and keeping up the house. Phew, I can’t do it anymore. I would have trouble keeping your schedule nowadays!

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  6. It’s amazing how all the “other” work of writing fills up an author’s day!

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  7. Peggy Jaeger

    Alina – isn’t it??


  8. As I often tell myself, I don’t see how I ever had the time to work an 8- 6 job. Life abhors a vacuum and fills it with new things to do.

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  9. Wow, Peggy, you pack a lot more into a day than I do!

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  10. It’s crazy but I feel busier now that I do stay home with the kids than I ever did when I held down a full time job. Add writing to the mix and there simply aren’t enough hours.

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  11. Cathy Brockman

    I concur with your saying..“What’s that old saying? You make plans and God laughs?
    yeah…story of my life.” I also retired from the 100plus years of work and still am being laughed at! If I make a plan I can be sure it gets rained on.

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  12. Still laughing over the “working for 150 years” statement. I feel that way every day at work and was hoping to hear that retirement was easier. Apparently not. I’m glad you can find time to get some writing done!

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