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When Characters have their say….

It’s always a treat when I get to interview my favorite authors. It’s a double treat when I get to sit down with one of their characters!!! Today I’m talking to Lacey Reed, star of my author friend Charlotte O’Shay‘s newest book A MODEL ENGAGEMENT. Lacey is much much more than just a pretty face, as you’ll see in our interview. Sit back and enjoy!



Lacey Reed jumps at the chance for independence with a career in the big city. But her naivety and ambition blind her to the lure of a blackmailer.

With her savings gone she has nowhere to turn when she literally runs into financier Connor Devlin.

Though dazzled by Lacey Connor sees the desperation she tries to hide. He hires her as his fake fiancée. Now Lacey has a job and he has a bandage for a family crisis.

When the blackmailer ups the ante, Lacey resolves to face him down— no matter what the consequences.

Does that mean Lacey will lose the only man who’s ever seen who she truly is?


Let’s chat with Lacey…..

Q: Well we can dispense with some preliminaries because I recognize you. You’re Lacey Lee, the runway model for Miranda’s Moments. Didn’t Vogue call you ‘the eyes that launched the fantasies of a generation’?

A: (Blushes, rolls those cornflower eyes) Yep, that’s me.

Q: Well, your eyes are even more striking in person. Even that impressive sapphire on your engagement finger doesn’t quite have the same intensity. Who’s the lucky man?

A: Well, I’m not engaged. Not for real. I’m employed as a companion and Connor, my fiancé, I mean my employer, knew his mama who has a severe generative vision problem, wouldn’t accept outside help. So I’m just pretending to … (mutters) always pretending.

Q: Something doesn’t add up here. Why would a model pulling down the kind of income models earn have to take a job as a companion?

A: (Deep sigh) Yeah, it’s a great question. In a nutshell, I need the money. (fidgets, crosses then uncrosses legs) It’s complicated. I only just told my best friend Sabrina. (whispers) I’m being blackmailed.

Q: (shouts) What???

A: (presses lips together then) That was Sabrina’s reaction too. I’ve been living with this secret for months and I finally decided enough is enough and I’m going to get this guy that’s doing this to me. Get him arrested and hopefully put away for what he did to me.

Q: Did to you? Oh honey, what’s he blackmailing you for?

A: (Looks down, then raises head to look straight into Q’s eyes) He gave me a date rape drug and then he filmed me doing… I don’t know what, I was so zonked out I just remember not being able to move and, and… (clears throat) I don’t know what’s on the video. I’ve only seen a couple of seconds of it. But if the film is put online it won’t just affect me. I mean (shrugs) I have sort of a wild reputation in the media but the video might hurt my dad’s career. So I’ve been paying him off.

Q: Your dad’s career?

A: My father is Lucius Reed, the admiral. He’s up for a post in the new administration. He’s career navy. This appointment will be the pinnacle for him and he deserves it. I can’t let my mistakes cause him to lose out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Q: Who would do such a thing?

A: (voice firms) I knew I should have canceled this interview. Listen, one way or another this will all be out in the open soon. Either he (voice drops) releases the video or I can get him arrested. Either way, you’ll know then. But I can’t take the chance of telling anyone who he is right now…

Q: I understand. And Connor, your fiancé?

A: (Firmly) My employer. He got more than he bargained for. He felt sorry for me I think when he saw how empty my apartment was—I’ve been selling all my stuff. He basically offered me a job on the spot. He loves his mama enough to pretend to have a fiancée just to save her pride. He’s a good son. And I’m a terrible daughter.

Q: From where I’m sitting you’re a pretty good daughter trying to protect your dad.

A: (Shrugs) I got myself into this mess and somehow I will get out of it. I’m not my father’s daughter for nothing.

Q: But Connor?

A: (shakes her head) He’s this big bear of a guy. His entire family, this giant, noisy clan (laughs) all think the world of him. They look up to him for everything.

Q: And you? You and Connor?

A: We get along so well, we have fun. And not only, you know, in the bedroom. But there can’t be a ‘me and Connor’. When all is said and done, if and when this sex video is posted, I won’t drag him, his mama or his family into my drama. They don’t deserve it. I’ll remove myself from their lives. (raises a knuckle to wipe under eyes)

Q: But what if…?

A: (glances at phone) Oh wow, is that the time? I’ve got to go.

(Stands, puts sunglasses on, nods) Such a pleasure to meet you, Miz Jaeger. (walks out the door)


In that moment, she relived just why she needed a job so damn bad. In that moment, all she could remember were the targeted emails, the strategic telephone calls and the persuasive texts she’d received from Barry as he set out to reel her in like the very gullible fish she was.

It all came back like a rush of filthy sewage.

How he’d drawn her in. Discovered her desire to reap the most financial benefit from her career before retiring. Then, in a seemingly normal progression, he set up a meeting at his office. Designed for shoptalk so that they could discuss photographic details of her breakout exclusive ad campaign for Mon Secret.

His home office as it turned out, complete with multiple couches and a closet full of evening wear and fur, props for the shoot. Lacey had developed a veneer of sophistication during her four plus years in the business. Or so she’d thought. But Barry’s lavish living and working space wowed her. She cringed as she remembered telling him how eager she was to start.

Lacey relived it all in that split second and Connor, who’d done nothing more than offer her his jacket and then a ride home was suddenly a stand in for the monster who had taken her piece of mind along with practically every red cent she possessed.

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About Charlotte…..

Charlotte O’Shay was born into a big family and married into another big family.

The drama! The noise! The inspiration!

Negotiating skills honed at the dinner table led her to a career in law. After four beautiful children joined the crowded family tree, Charlotte traded her legal career to write about happily ever afters. She lives on the far westside only 3 subway stops from where she grew up.

When Charlotte isn’t reading or writing steamy contemporaries featuring heroines in crisis and swoony heroes with issues, she’s on the hunt for that perfect pair of sunglasses.

She LOVES to hear from readers.

You can find Charlotte here:

website // Twitter //Instagram // Facebook //  Goodreads

Sign up for her  newsletter to find out about giveaways and new releases: http://eepurl.com/b4lbvn






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#CoverReveal A SHOT AT LOVE; #KensingtonPublishers #ContemporaryRomance

I’m sosososososo excited ( again I sound like the Pointer Sisters!) because the second book cover for my WILL COOK FOR LOVE series is being revealed today and here it is:

Book 2 features Kandy Laine’s sexy, sassy, and smart, photographer sister, Gemma. Kandy makes a few appearances in the book as well, but the heat that screams from the pages is all about Gemma and uber-hot FBI SPecial Agent Ky Pappandreos. Here’s the blurb:

by Peggy Jaeger
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pub Date: 10/3/2017
Nothing’s impossible when love is on the menu. In Peggy Jaeger’s luscious series, the only thing more tempting than a delicious meal is a truly delectable romance . . .
Look for exclusive recipes in each book! 
Photographer Gemma Laine is looking for arresting faces on the streets of Manhattan when her camera captures something shocking—a triple murder. In that moment, she becomes a target for the mob—and a top priority for a very determined, breathtakingly handsome, FBI special agent. With deadlines to meet and photo shoots on her calendar, Gemma chafes at the idea of protection, but every moment she spends under his watchful eye is a temptation to lose herself in his muscular arms . . .
With two of his men and one crucial witness dead, Special Agent Kyros Pappandreos can’t afford to be distracted. But Gemma is dazzling—and her connection to Kandy Laine’s high-profile cooking empire makes her an especially easy mark for some very bad people. Keeping her safe is much more pleasure than business, but as the heat between them starts to sizzle, Ky is set to investigate whether they have a shot at love . . .
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A visit from author Starr Gardinier

Hi, I’m Starr Gardinier. At least that’s my pen name. I write in the paranormal genre and love regaling readers with (im)plausible stories. As my bio states, I’m a paralegal by day. While I love the profession that allows the analytical side of my brain to be put to use, writing is my absolute passion. “The Other Side: Melinda’s Story” is the first in theOther Side series. The second, “The Other Side: Trent’s Story” should be out fairly soon. The third, and what I believe to be the final book—depending on what the characters tell me—“The Other Side: Ben’s Story” is implanted in my mind, but not yet on paper. Look for all three books by following my blog or checking my website.
I’ll leave it up to my readers to determine if the creative side of my brain is worthwhile. Please feel free to send all comments and questions to me at sgardinier@queenwriter.com. I look forward to them and will respond.
*******If you comment, more than a word or two, you’ll automatically be entered to win a digital copy of “The Other Side: Melinda’s Story”! One name will be chosen and that winner will be notified via email, so be sure to include your email address! This is for today only, Saturday, September 19, 2015. Good luck!
TheOtherSide_w9601_med (1)
            Melinda’s family is dead, killed for information that is hidden deep within her mind. Her father tries to warn her from the ‘Other Side’ that she is in danger from the killers who want what only she can give them. Committed to Skyview Haven, she must determine if the ‘Other Side’ truly exists or if it is a trick of her heart and mind. With time running out Melinda must determine who she can trust. Is it the ghosts of her family, a boy who may not be who he appears to be, or the doctor who is determined to cure her? Can she figure out the truth before it is too late?
Here’s an exciting excerpt from The Other Side
“Don’t be scared. It’s just me.”
“Suddenly, he was there. Standing right in front of me.”
“I hugged him. I missed him and needed to feel his arms wrapped around me. I forgot about being mad at him. He finally pulled away from me.
“I can’t go to your mother yet. She needs to believe first. Like you do.”
“Believe that you’re dead but not dead?”
“Something like that.”
“What do you want?”
“I didn’t want you to go wake your mother until I spoke with you.”
“How did you know where I was going?”
“I’m in your head. I know almost all your thoughts.”
“Great. I couldn’t have a moment’s peace when he was alive and now he was in my head knowing all my thoughts. That’s just what a young, teenage girl wanted.
“Leave me the hell alone,” I told him as I tried to move around him.
“As much as I missed him, and as much as I knew I wasn’t making all of this up, I still wondered if I was imagining it in order to make myself feel better, not so lonely. You can tell my thoughts kept bouncing back and forth. First I believed then I didn’t. All that soon changed.
“I can’t. I’m sorry to put you through this, but I need you to get through to your mother. She has to open her mind to me. I must warn her.”
“About what? Wait. How do I even know you’re my father? I’m probably going crazy.”
“You’re not crazy. I am your father. Ask me anything…ask me something only I would know.”
“I thought for a few minutes and remembered a time when I was ten years old at the Grand Canyon. I was afraid to get too close to the edge. Dad, sensing my fear, held me close and whispered in my ear something that took my fear away.
“Fine. What was it you said to me at the Grand Canyon?”
“I whispered in your ear that I had your hand and would never let go, not now, not ever.”
“He takes my hand then and my heart aches, wanting him back. Really back. I grabbed my hand away from his. Tears welled in my eyes at the memory of that trip to the Grand Canyon.
“You’re in my head. You said so yourself. That’s how you know it. I remembered it.”
“No. I know it because I said it. I’ll tell you something then that happened when you were very small.”
“What?” I demanded.
“When you were two, you were running one day in the house. Your mother and I couldn’t contain your enthusiasm once you started to walk. You were all over the place. On one particular day, you were scampering down the hallway. You lost your balance for some reason and slid into the small table by the front door. There was a vase sitting on it holding fresh. The vase fell on your forehead and cut you across the left eyebrow. You have a scar. It’s barely visible, but it’s there.”
“I was quiet for a moment. I knew I had a scar there and I knew how I got it. My parents told me the story.
“Go to the mirror and look for the scar.”
“I moved to my dresser mirror and stared at my eyebrow. I knew it was there. I didn’t need to see it again, but I looked anyway. I ran my finger over it as if to erase it along with my father’s voice.
“That’s when I blacked out.”
     A paralegal by day, I’m an author by night. Apart from being an award winning author for my short story “Cut,” it’s been said that I’ve made my mark on the literary world with my Other Side series.
     Having studied and obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Literature/Creative Writing, I found my unique style and have been known for my works’ distinctive voice, making every character stand out.
      I’m the founder and owner of Editing by Starr Reina. I’m also the former executive editor for Suspense Magazine and have been a co-host on Suspense Radio. I’ve been interviewed in the newspaper and on the radio with relation to my fiction work.  
      I’m a member of International Thriller Writers (ITW) and of Sisters in Crime, Los Angeles Chapter and nationally. I have won three Best Speaker awards as well as Best Evaluator at the Voice Ambassadors chapter of Toastmasters. I’ve always been active in events. As co-chair and main coordinator for the West Coast Author Premiere, I arranged weekend-long events to help authors from all over network, learn and share their work with the public. I have also been instrumental in compiling authors and planning a local author event at Barnes and Noble in Ventura , California along with the store’s event manager.
Please see more about Starr at her editing service at www.editing.queenwriter.com, read more about her at www.QueenWriter.com, and/or visit her blog at www.qw-blog.blogspot.com.
Buy links:
Connect with Starr here:
             Book Trailer


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A visit from Author Isla Grey

Today I’m please to have Wild Rose Press Author ISLA GREY visiting with me.  The first time I heard her lovely name, I wanted to know more about her. From her website I found out she’s like me in that she loves a good story and has been writing for almost as long as she can remember. And – also like me – she’s a pen and post-it hoarder!


Isla Grey hails from Central Virginia and still lives in the same small town she grew up in. She developed a love of writing at an early age and over the years has tried her hand at penning poetry (some good, some not so good), screenwriting, newspaper articles and historical stories. She’s “old school” when it comes to writing and is a hoarder of more pens, post-it notes and writing journals than she’ll ever need. Isla likes to write different types of stories from romance to mystery and anything in between and loves a “happy for now but there could be some bad things coming” feel. When Isla’s not writing, she spends her time being called “Mom, Mama, Mommy” (well, you get the picture) by her daughter who is forever active, even in her sleep. She considers herself an unofficial “cat whisperer” and is a pet human to a plethora of cats that have taken up residence at her home over the years. Isla also enjoys reading a good biography or ghost story, traveling even though “there’s no place like home”, good music played loud and walking.

Isla loves movies and is the movie mistakes editor at Bellaonline.com where she talks about…well…movies. Her novella, “A Voice in the Dark”, is available now and her book, “Asylum Harbor”, is also available now through Wild Rose Press.

Here’s the blurb and a little taste from this exciting new novel:




Trouble is the last thing Devon Brown needs when she leaves the painful memories of her past behind and heads to Shell Island. As the Salty Dog’s new bartender, she finds herself drawn to Kerr, the Shell Island harbormaster. But finding her happily-ever-after is difficult when dealing with an obnoxious bootlegger who supplies the bar with illegal liquor and a jealous coworker.

A standoffish loner with damaged emotions, Kerr avoids relationships like the plague. Things change when Devon catches his eye. As a simple flirtation grows serious, the coworker and bootlegger quickly become obstacles to any future Kerr and Devon may have together. As the situation worsens, Devon realizes that even the still waters of Asylum Harbor are no refuge during a storm.


        “You already got dibs on this one Kerr?”

         Porter shot an evil glare at the opposite end of the bar and looked back toward her. “I’ll see you tonight.” He flicked his tongue. “After work.” He raised his glass in a mock toast and chugged it in one gulp.

         The lights dimmed for Victoria’s dance of the night. Devon watched Kerr, who was usually headed for the exit by now, and breathed a sigh of relief when he remained glued to his seat with his back to the stage. He wasn’t staying for Victoria’s peep show. There must have been something about this Porter character that got under his skin in a bad way.

         Devon was eager for the quick break. She hustled to the back as the chords to “Simply Irresistible” began to pelt over the speakers and ran some cold water over her forearm. A red welt was beginning to show where Porter had held onto it. She hoped he would be gone by the time she got back.

       Making it out before mid-song, Devon rounded the bar when someone snagged her wrist and thrust her hard against the bar, knocking the wind out of her. She could smell Porter’s alcohol-laced breath as his weight pinned her under him. One of his grubby hands shot under her shirt while the other wrestled with the button on her pants. “Let’s give them a real show.”

         She struggled to reach the Equalizer, but it remained hidden, out of her grasp. Devon hoisted her knee toward his crotch, but Porter lost his balance and fell backward before she could make contact.

         Kerr towered over him. “Get your hands off her.”

You can connect with Isla at:

Website: http://www.islagrey.com/

Blog: http://www.islagrey.com/islas-inklings

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorIslaGrey

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IslaGrey1

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/islagrey

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00MMTEYEK

Book Trailer:



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